Welcome to Mod

Mod's mission seems straightforward at first glance. We strive to help women and those who identify as women gain confidence to be their authentic selves and encourage others to do the same. But building confidence and identifying (heck, going after) our dreams and desires is hard work. That's why we come together, in person, as a group. Our monthly meetings inspire personal and professional growth as we talk to one another, educate each other and celebrate together. Mod immediately affects our work lives. Mod ultimately affects our personal lives.


Mod's Events

Mod meets monthly for open community events that attract a diverse group of women throughout careers and backgrounds. In ModSocials, we help each other work through present challenges and think bigger about how to get what we want. At ModMixers, we connect in a more social setting to make new friends, celebrate our efforts and generate ideas.


We are always looking for new volunteers to help run our organization and support our offering monthly events. Mod is run by a board of volunteers who are focused on everything from social media to event planning to creative design. Each Committee Lead has a team of volunteers below her, making volunteering a fun, collaborative group experience. We'd love to get your help in any way you can!


The community of Mod is made up of our members, who support our mission and participate in making an impact to themselves and others both personally and professionally.


We would love to have your help supporting Nashville's women by becoming a Mod Sponsor.
 We strive to offer speaking engagements, food, beverages, and creative services to our members at each Mod event. We look for partners in marketing, speaking engagements, hosting, swag offerings, cuisine, drinks, and more who are as dedicated to helping Nashville thrive as we are.