About Mod

Mod, short for Modernist, Modification and Modulation, is forceful and fun. Mod's member's don't sit back and wait for things to happen, they enjoy sparking things to life, creating opportunities, inspiring curiosity and affecting social and personal change.

Our Mission

Mod is a group that helps women and those who identify as women gain confidence to be their authentic selves and encourage others to do the same. Mod offers open community events that inspire personal and professional growth through conversation and education. At ModSocials, we help each other work through present challenges and think bigger about how to get what we want. At ModBashes, we celebrate our efforts, promote each other’s successes and connect with new friends and colleagues. Mod immediately affects our work lives. Mod ultimately affects our personal lives.


Our Vision

An equal world where each person has the confidence and knowledge to make individual decisions based on their authentic selves.

Where each person can and does speak up for their own desires, beliefs and dreams.

Where we encourage each other to do the same.