About Mod

Mod began in 2014, when two new to Nashville friends, Kirsty Hughan and Suki Mulberg Altamirano, were in search of women's organizations to support their transition to a new city. Wanting to meet women of all backgrounds and skill sets to help them grow their careers and improve their personal lives (and wanting something inexpensive) they thought, why don't we make it?

Getting started they knew they needed to provide a welcoming, inspiring place for women, those who identify as women and those who do not identify with the gender binary to support each other. But, they felt they needed to go beyond that. They wanted to affect the workplace as a whole, to not exclude anyone who wanted to join and to offer something that felt powerful and current. Mod fit.

Mod, short for Modernist, Modification and Modulation, is forceful and fun. Mod's member's don't sit back and wait for things to happen, they enjoy sparking things to life, creating opportunities, inspiring curiosity and affecting social and personal change.

Now, Mod has grown to more than 500 members and offers monthly meetings. Suki's journey has taken her to NYC and Kirsty Hughan's journey has taken her on to new endeavors. Although Kirsty is still involved in Mod as a member, Mod is now run by volunteers on a more casual basis.

Our Mission

Mod is a group that helps women and those who identify as women gain confidence to be their authentic selves and encourage others to do the same. Mod offers open community events that inspire personal and professional growth through conversation and education. At ModSocials, we help each other work through present challenges and think bigger about how to get what we want. At ModBashes, we celebrate our efforts, promote each other’s successes and connect with new friends and colleagues. Mod immediately affects our work lives. Mod ultimately affects our personal lives.


Our Vision

An equal world where each person has the confidence and knowledge to make individual decisions based on their authentic selves.

Where each person can and does speak up for their own desires, beliefs and dreams.

Where we encourage each other to do the same.

Our Team

Mod is kept running by the women who make up Mod and continually attend as well as a group of enthusiastic, talented and wonderful female volunteers on a very casual basis. 

To get involved with Mod and start volunteering with our organization, you can fill out this form.