Looking Back and Moving Forward

Dear Mod Friends - It’s hard to believe it has been nearly seven months since Mod’s inaugural event back in January. Time has flown by and as a co-founder it has been both exciting and rewarding to see the impulse of an idea grow into a group designed to foster support, mentorship, motivation and friendship. In reflecting on the past months, I’m most grateful for the kind faces I’ve seen at our events and the opportunity I’ve had to meet individuals of many backgrounds and diverse perspectives. I’m a firm believer that strength of any group comes from its ability to share and support all kinds of opinions and viewpoints.

In returning to Mod’s references to modification and modulation, I’ve also seen our events as an opportunity for personal reflection – life, business, goals and aspirations being key themes along the way. Over the last few months I’ve had some exciting opportunities to continue growing my own business – something that has led me to a bit of a crossroads with my role at Mod. With this in mind, I am saying a fond farewell to my leadership position with Mod. As the group continues to grow and Mod has its own opportunities to change and expand in new ways, the timing is right. I’m excited to see what’s ahead for Mod and to continue as a participant and member in different ways.

So with this said – to my Mod friends and co-founder Kirsty: Thanks for your friendship, thanks for your perspectives and thanks for your great energy! You make Mod truly Mod. After all, helping each other embrace change, feel support and grow lasting connections is what Mod is all about.

See you all soon!

Suki Mulberg Altamirano is the co-founder of Mod Nashville and the founder of Lexington Public Relations, a Nashville-based firm that specializes in creating breakthrough campaigns for consumer products and services across multiple industries like retail, beauty and fashion, food and beverage, education and healthcare.