A Very Mod Update

To the wonderful women of Mod,

Two years ago last month I moved to Nashville. I was ready for some big life changes and I desperately wanted a group of women surrounding me to support me through my transition. I wanted women to advise me, comfort me, cheerlead me, educate me, to stand beside me as my soul’s sisters and say, “Yes, you can do and be anything.”

I went looking for this group with the hope that it would include women of different backgrounds, ages, races, careers and beliefs. And when I couldn’t find it, my friend Suki and I created it. Over drinks one night at Holland House, Mod was born from shortening “Modification.” Change.

It is with sadness, but also gratitude and hope, that I am make the announcement that I am stepping down from my role as president.

My life has changed again.

I started Mod driven by my desire for an organization like this to exist and a passion for creating things. I loved working with Suki, amazing volunteers (Tammy, Ashley, Rachel, Josephine, Lauren, Sara, April, Julie, Bobo, Eva, Kasey, Julia, Tara, Simone, Shayleen, Nicole, Brittany Jessica, Kim, Laura, Lizzie) and every woman who attended to collaboratively make Mod something big. We have done an amazing job helping women get jobs, speak their truth, learn from and teach one another. We have celebrated, connected and inspired one another. We have made Mod impactful, exciting, rejuvenating, creative. We’ve made it vulnerable.

From vulnerability I share that in the past few months an organization that has been filled with joy and enthusiasm has felt different, harder. I've felt like I have achieved what I desired--to meet wonderful women, to start something big, to have an impact--and I have not had the same energy and heart around the every day assignments that make Mod happen each month.

My life too is changing; in the past few months I’ve seen big parts of my life shift under my feet, in ways that have been hard and ways that have been wonderful. Big changes are happening and I have desire to focus my attention on new endeavors.

It is for these reasons that it is with courage, compassion and faith that I make the decision to step down. Last night at our September ModSocial I made this announcement to the women in attendance. I shared that at this time, I am not sure exactly what will happen next. My hope is that Mod will not end and that an individual, partnership or group will step in to guide and carry Mod from here. My hope is to continue to be involved as an advisor and member. You stepped in around me with a resounding, “Yes! We will keep Mod alive and we will carry it from here.”

To those of you who are interested in actively supporting Mod through its transition and/or in its new chapter, please reach out to hello@modnashville.com to share how you would like to be involved.

Logistically, I will be managing our next ModSocial on October 26 with Julie Berry and supporting Julia Monson at our upcoming ModMonday on October 10. I will be working with a Transition Leader and/or small team to facilitate the shift so that our organization can make a collective, collaborative and democratic decision about next steps. My hope is that in six weeks new leadership will step in to lead Mod. I am excited for this new chapter and to see how Mod evolves.

I have deep seeded belief that this experience is an example of what makes Mod so powerful. At its heart, Mod is about women being vulnerable with one another and supporting each other through transitions in their lives. Mod is about navigating our experiences together and helping each other act on our dreams and desires from a place of confidence and authenticity. I am so grateful to each and every one of you. We have made Mod what it is. I plan to carry Mod with me wherever I go. And I know you will too.

With love,