If You're Ready to Heal, We Can Teach You to Thrive!

Our #MyModStory this month is welcomed community member Ash Kennedy, owner at Attitude of Wellness. She will be attending our ModSocial next Wednesday 2/22, so be sure to come by and say hello!

Ash Kennedy blogs at Attitude of Wellness (www.attitudeofwellness.com/blog) and owns a women's wellness space near downtown Nashville where she hosts workshops for women to find resources & connections to Nashville wellness practitioners they might not encounter otherwise.  From her own experience, she knows women can heal their bodies through lifestyle adjustments, and she meshes her Southern roots with an Eastern approach to help women find that healing.  Ash began learning about alternative healing practices after her own health crisis and becoming frustrated with the lack of options offered by Western medicine practitioners who couldn’t identify the source of her health issues.  She realized she was her own best health advocate and that she'd have to "own it" if she wanted to truly get better.  She's excited to be launching a podcast in Spring 2017 and is looking for a few more wellness-related guests!  

Email her at info@attitudeofwellness.com if you or someone you know would be a great fit.